What Is A Health Coach?

In career, health, lifestyle, nutrition, Uncategorized, wellness on May 31, 2010 at 4:11 pm

Whether you’re 25, 45, or 55+ years old, everyone wants more energy and vitality, better focus and clarity, and a youthful, balanced life–with confidence, joy, vivacity, and a passion for living.  This is true whether you work outside or inside the home; climbing the corporate ladder; running a business; or embarking on an entirely new venture!

When you feel great, you look great, and it affects both your personal and professional life.

Here’s where I come in:  I’m a health coach and I work to enhance the quality of my client’s lives by helping them achieve their health and wellness goals.  I see clients in-person or by phone in my New York City office.  For a free health consultation, please visit my website at:

This is me, on one of my favorite trails in New York City’s Central Park.  To keep your life in balance, it’s important to have a release, whether it’s yoga, walking, swimming, reading–or whatever “feeds your soul.”


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