Wellness, Restoration, Transformation Are Keys To Career Success

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As a Health Coach, I examine all parts of your life, not just nutrition.  That’s because if something is missing, it can be “eating” at you, and leave you “hungry” and depleted.  A very important component of your life is career–and, just as important, are things like physical activity, spirituality and recreation (but by no means is this a complete list)–and they all connect to one another, especially your career success.

That said, I’m including a guest post by Maui Business Coach Nina Cherry.  Nina also facilitates Renewal Retreats in Maui to help women reconnect with Nature and empower themselves. I connected with Nina through the National Association for Female Executives and was recently so impressed with what she had to say about her retreats, and how she finds them–and the concept of health and wellness–so crucial to career, I wanted to share it with all of you.  For more information, you may visit her website at:

“I love to hike by myself because I get into communion with Nature and Spirit.

I have my favorite power spots like the top of the 10,000 ft. dormant volcano on Maui, but you don’t have to go to such an exotic place, just remember how healing

Nature is everywhere, so go out there!

If you stay away from Nature too long, you will cease to hear the voice calling you. I hope you never let that happen! It is a deeply tragic thing when you realize you disregarded the call for so long that it no longercalls to you.

The Earth restores us, and heals us. Really, I do some of my most powerful Inner work just laying on a big rock in the sun, completely alone, praying and receiving guidance.

I take women on individual and small group retreats so they can do deep transformative work, and make important life style changes for their continued health and well being.

Recently, I got the flu and as I lay in bed, I could hear that one of the reasons I got sick is that I need to adjust my work-life balance even more.. . that I am not getting out in nature enough; that I need to do it nearlyevery day! I need to balance what I receive from Nature with the immense amount of energy that I put out to my clients, my grown children, and my community. . . as many professional women do.

A more keen balance of receiving and giving is the key. I hope you find it very soon in the beautiful Nature near you.”


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