The Power of Food: Yes, It Affects Your Job Performance!

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By Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP

Health Coach

 I once knew a woman who would come back from her lunch break sleepy and cranky.  She’d literally put her head on her desk and then arise to shout and snap at co-workers, clients—and, eventually, her boss. (That was her demise at the company. She was fired shortly after that incident.)

 She’d always explain her behavior by saying “It’s the food!”  She was actually on to something; food is powerful and can seriously affect your moods and energy levels. Food has the power to heal–or harm.

 Whether you’re unemployed and job-hunting, or if you’re employed but want to move up the ladder, you need to stand out from the competition like never before.

Emily Koltnow, president of the executive recruiting firm, Koltnow & Company (, says: “All companies look for both professionalism and enthusiasm.  If you’re not feeling your best, you won’t be as energetic.  Being healthy is a critical component of the interviewing process.”

“You want to be the kind of person your supervisor, clients and co-workers know they can rely on—and want to be around,” adds Kristine Burke, MBA, founder of the Castles and Crayons ( career networking group.  “Skills are critical, but so is being a team player and fitting in with the company culture.”

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