Five Reasons to Exercise

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Who can remember the episode of the television show “Everybody Loves Raymond” when Raymond becomes thrilled with the sudden, dramatic increase in his sex life–until he finds an exercise class flyer–featuring the photo of a very handsome instructor–on his wife’s table.  He thinks the instructor is the reason for her sudden interest but, when he confronts her, she says:  “Has it ever occured to you that I’m just feeling much better about myself these days?”

So there you have it.  A benefit of exercise is that it can boost your sex life.  It makes you feel better, both physically and mentally.

Right now, we’re right smack in the middle of holiday season.  Personal and professional responsibilities, shopping, entertaining and more often make us tired and stressed to the max.  Sweets and fat-laden temptations are all around us.  It’s pretty easy for us to forget (or want to forget) about exercising.  But don’t.  Aside from the boost to your sex life, exercise can:

  • Exercise can enhance your mood. “It releases endorphins which can make you feel better and reduce stress,” said NYC physician and anti-aging specialist, Dr. Steve Tsoutsouras.
  • It controls weight.  It’s a very simple formula–when you exercise you burn calories.  When you burn calories you lose weight.
  • Exercise fights fatigue.  Study after study shows that, even those with chronic medical conditions, can benefit from the fatigued-fighting exercise.  Here’s why it boosts your stamina:  Exercise carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells.  It also helps detoxify the body, getting rid of toxins, accumulated wastes and poisons.
  • Exercise can promote better sleep. “Some of my patients tell me they can’t sleep without exercising,” says Dr. Kathia Roberts, Ph.D., ND, D.PHYT.
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