FREE Class Tonight (Tuesday, Nov 29) on Holiday Wellness: Weight Gain and Stress Doesn’t Have to Be Inevitable

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Do you think you automatically gain weight, get stressed and get exhausted just because it’s the holiday season?  And do you ever ask yourself these questions (at any time of the year, really):  Why don’t I have much energy?”  “Why do I crave sweets?”  “Why can’t I sleep well?”  “Why is my mind always so fuzzy?”  “How does my fuzzy mind and lack of energy affect both my professional and personal lives?”

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to not have to spend an extra half hour in the morning getting dressed while you’re looking for something that fits?  Do you ever wish you could get back into those favorite, “skinny” jeans?  Do you ever wonder how much it costs you in making those daily (or, in some cases, twice-daily) donut, cookie or ice cream runs (and we’re not just talking about the cost in money–it can cost you time and other things.)

During this FREE class, you’ll learn about such things as how to control and manage those cravings; the connection between toxins and weight gain–and more.  It’ll be informative, interesting–and highly interactive.

Details are here. For more information on me, please visit my website:

RSVPs would be appreciated; you can e-mail me at:


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