Five Ways Parents Can Get Their Kids to Eat Veggies

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Parents often worry about their kids’ nutrition.  Experts say we should get between 7-13 servings per day of fruits and vegetables—but what happens if your child just won’t eat them?  Or if your kid just has a small appetite?

And how do you even know what 7-13 servings really looks like?

Happy, healthy kids helping to prepare a meal.

As a nutrition and wellness coach, one of the most-often heard concerns is from parents who are concerned that their children just aren’t getting the right amount of nutrients.

Here are 5 Tips that will, hopefully, alleviate some of that parental concern regarding nutrition:

  1. Serve an after-school snack of cut-up and kid-friendly vegetables and fruit– such as celery or apples with a nut butter—peanut, almond, cashew, hazelnut. Find some creative ideas to make fun and healthy veggie dips; for instance, a “salsa” made with stone fruit; summer’s almost here, so peaches, apricots and plums will be abundant!
  2. Serve salad before the entry—not with it or even after.  Think about it:  If your kid is ravenous and everything comes out at once—pizza and salad for instance—what do you think your child will choose??
  3. Grind up vegetables and camouflage them in soups, on pancakes, in smoothies. This is a great way to get things like kale and spinach into them–and they won’t even know.
  4. Let your kids help with the preparation and cooking.  It’s not only a bonding experience for all of you, but they might possibly take more interest in different types of foods.
  5. Take an “insurance policy” to be sure they’re getting enough nutrients.  Of course it’s better to eat your fruits and vegetables, but sometimes you need that extra assurance.  When that happens, make sure you select a high-quality product that’s backed by plenty of research and certified by an outside, third-party company.   I specifically like a specific product–that also comes in a kid-friendly chewable form.


Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP is a NYC-based, certified nutrition and wellness coach.  The author of the forthcoming book, 25 Ways to Fire Up Your Day:  Increase Energy, Get More Done in Less Time, Balance Your Life, also writes a twice-monthly free newsletter called “Power Wellness.”  The newsletter is full of tips and suggestions for healthy eating and lifestyle.  To subscibe, click here: Power Wellness.


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