What Is Flow–and How Does It keep You Healthy

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I recently conducted a survey to find out more about your biggest wellness concerns and furstrations.  Many of you told me one of your biggest challenges was finding time to exercise.  We all know it’s pretty unhealthy to sit at a desk or in front a computer all day–but we all also know just how challenging it can be to find the time.  (And I remember many times when I was just too tired or burned out after a tough day.)

So here’s the story of Flow, with a short video clip, that will give you some suggestions on solving this problem. Flow is a software program built with the primary goal of improving the health of people, especially those who sit in front of computers all day.

By the way, I’d love to hear from you–won’t you please complete this brief (5-10 minutes max) survey. To access:


Florida psychologist Dr. Renee Nasajon, Psy.D,  practices holistic psychology;  that is, she explores the interconnectedness of the mind and body.

Many years ago while working in a hospital, she was able to walk–a LOT. That all ended when she went into private practice. She spends much of her day now in a chair, listening to patients–or in front of a computer doing research. As she says, her metabolism fell into disarray and she started to gain weight little by little.

One day she was on the treadmill at the gym and thought, “I  am so violent with my body! I spend hours almost not moving, and then all of a sudden I bring it here and force it to run and lift weights and do all kinds of extreme things. I’m going to end up hurting myself!”

If she wanted to exercise in an effective and safe manner at the gym, she’d have to find a way to condition her body in preparation.

That’s when she created Flow.

Flow is a video that pops up on your computer screen to guide you through about five minutes of physical activity while still sitting at your desk.

“There is an abundance of emerging research that demonstrates the health-risks associated with sedentariness –spending too many hours without engaging in any kind of physical activity.

Dr. Nasajon continued: “The research shows that if we interrupt that sedentary behavior with just five minutes or so of some kind of physical activity, we can dramatically improve our ability to burn calories, improve our mood, decrease our cravings for sugar, caffeine and nicotine. We become more focused, more energetic, and we can reduce our blood pressure and our risk to develop osteoporosis, diabetes, cholesterol, and even some forms of cancer. ”

Want to check out Flow for yourself?  Watch the video below, for a sampling of working the abdominal at your desk–very simple and effective techniques.


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