Three Ways To Cultivate Your Garden in a Tiny Space

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Happy Earth Day!  It’s a time to reflect on “greening” our lives and growing more of our own food–and, yes, even urban dwellers and apartment residents can do it, without having to rely on the greenmarket.

Growing your own food is a lot healthier for both you and your pocketbook.  Let your kids garden; it’s a great way to motivate them to eat more veggies and fruits.

Gardening in small spaces can be a challenge but, with a little creativity, flexibility–and a lot of determination–you’ll be able to have the garden of your dreams–right outside your 5th floor studio walk up apartment!

Here are a few simple suggestions for maximizing that often tiny gardening space.

  • Go vertical.  A couple of years ago I visited a friend who lived in a tiny apartment on one of the busiest and grungiest streets in New York City.  Yet, when I walked into his garden, I was positively awed; it was a vertical garden,  with gorgeous, trailing vines of tomatoes and zucchini. 

One thing you might want to use is the Tower Garden, a portable, lightweight tower that’s simple to use and attractive for both patios and concrete backyards.  The system was developed by garden designer Tim Blank and it relies on an aeroponics system (the plant roots are suspended in air); it holds up to 44 plants and even comes with its own trellis.

  • Go “double duty.”  Grow herbs and small plants in ornamental planters.  It’s decorative and soothing!
  • Container Gardening:  Almost anything can be used, so use your creative juices!  Baskets, pots (clay, ceramic, terra cotta), wheelbarrows–even shoes.


Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP, is a NYC-based nutrition and wellness coach.  She helps people instantly increase their energy so they avoid that mid-morning or afternoon slump, get more done in less time and balance their lives.  Author of the forthcoming book, 25 Ways To Fire Up Your Day:  Increase Energy, Get More Done in Less Time, Balance Your Life,  her website is:

To learn more about Tower Garden, please visit: .


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