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Seven Ways You Can STILL Get in Summer Shape

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It’s almost July 4th—but if you’re still despairing over those last few winter pounds—that just won’t seem to come off no matter what you do–don’t worry. 

Here are a few simple strategies from me that will help you get rid of those extra pounds once and for all!

  • Try to stay with natural foods as much as possible. Here’s the problem with those overly processed “convenience” foods—they can be very high in sodium, which can make you bloat.  They often have chemicals and hormones—which can wreak havoc on your system (i.e., metabolism.)

One of the great things about summer is the abundance of fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables. Fill up on them!  Remember, the more colorful your plate the better, because every color includes a different set of phytonutrients–those things that keep us healthy.

  • Never skip a meal.  Ever.  The body’s a really smart machine and, if you do, it will think you’re starving—and it will protect you by lowering your metabolism.  The result?  No weight loss and you’ll possibly overeat at the next meal to make up for the lost calories.  You’ll also become tired and, let’s face it, we don’t exactly make the best choices when we feel that way.
  • Cravings?  Your body is giving you important information.  If you have sugar cravings and want to know what they’re all about, opt-in on my website’s home page and get a free copy of my mini e-book, Sugar’s Sour Story.
  • Sleep: Everyone should get at least 7.5 hours a night. When we don’t get enough sleep, we often, naturally, turn to comfort foods that often have high fat, high sugar, high sodium treats. These are energy zappers in themselves, not to mention the havoc they wreak on your diet and moods.

Sleep also has a direct effect on three hormones that regulate stress, energy balance and appetite.  When you don’t get enough sleep, cortisol, the stress hormone, elevates glucose and appetite. By the way, cortisol is frequently blamed for thickening mid-sections. Ghrelin and Leptin are also affected. Ghrelin, which increases appetite, becomes elevated; Leptin, which suppresses appetite and moderates energy balance, is decreased.

Naturopathic physician Dr. Kathia Roberts explained the connection between sleep and that all-important exercising.

“It’s a negative cycle,” explains Dr. Kathia Roberts, Ph.D., ND, D.PHYT.  “Some of my patients tell me they can’t sleep without exercising but then, again, they’re too tired to exercise


Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Superfoods: Some foods have very high nutrient levels, and they are called superfoods. They include berries, citrus fruits, and greens, such as broccoli, kale, collards, bok choy, yogurt, pumpkin, chocolate (Yes! but it must have over 65% cacao) and more.
  • Water: This substance transports nutrients and oxygen to every cell and you’ll end up feeling more energetic—which means you’ll be more active, burn more calories and spend more time at the gym. How much? Divide your weight in half–that’s how many ounces you probably should drink per day.
  • Nutritional Cleansing: While a cleanse isn’t a weight loss program, per se, the happy result can be the loss of a few pounds and you rid your body of toxins, rejuvenate it (who wouldn’t like to look younger and have a lot more energy??), and provide the body with the necessary enzymes to transport nutrients. There are a lot of ways to cleanse, whether it’s with juices or products. By the way, if you want more information on that, and more, see:
  • Self- Care: Never minimize the importance of a good massage or any other self-care item! Self-care helps to get your body back in balance and one of the happy results is a lack of depression, fatigue and other energy-zappers. You’ll eat more healthfully, too!

How Do You Fire Up Your Day??

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No mid-morning or afternoon slump for you!  A green drink is a healthy and great-tasting way to start your day off right–and then keep the energy going all day!
You can make yours with any combination of veggies and fruits, including spinach, kale, cucumbers, kiwi, bananas, lemons, limes and more.
Need more ideas?  Make the breakfast drink that Dr. Oz swears by! This “green drink” is high in fiber, low-calorie and rich in vitamins.
Ingredients:  2 cups spinach 2 cups cucumber 1 head of celery 1/2 inch or teaspoon ginger root 1 bunch parsley 2 apples Juice of 1 lime Juice of 1/2 lemon
Directions: Combine all ingredients in a blender. This makes approximately 28-30 ounces, or 3-4 servings.

Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP is a NYC-based, certified nutrition and wellness coach. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied over 100 dietary theories, lifestyle management techniques and cutting-edge coaching methods–with instructors such as Dr. Joel Fuhrman; Deepak Chopra; Dr. David Katz; Dr. Mark Hyman and others. She is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

She received her BA from Marist College, attended New York University, has two fitness certifications and is author of the forthcoming book, 25 Ways To Fire Up Your Day: Increase Energy, Get More Done in Less Time, Balance Your Life. Her mini e-book, Sugar’s Sour Story is available for a free download–all you need to do is LIKE her Facebook page: (no “www” before it. Her website is:

Irene also writes a twice-monthly free newsletter that’s full of tips and suggestions for healthy eating and lifestyle. You can subscribe to the newsletter called “Power Wellness” here.

Ten Reasons to Drink More Water

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Twenty-two years ago, while treating inmates at a prison, a physician named Dr. Batmanghelidj saw a patient doubled over in pain with a gastrointestinal disease. Since there was no access to any medicine, Dr. Batmanghelidj could only give this person water. He had him drink two glasses. Within three minutes, the person’s pain diminished; within eight minutes, he was completely pain free. After that, Dr. Batmanghelidj researched the medicinal properties of water and wrote several books, including Your Body’s Many Cries for Water and Water Cures: Drugs Kill: How Water Cured Incurable Diseases.

Dr. Batmanghelidj, who passed away in 2004 and studied medicine under penicillin-inventor, Sir Alexander Fleming, asserted that dehydration is the root cause of all physical illness. A report on his findings was published as an editorial in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, June 1983.

Admittedly, Dr. Batmanghelidj’s assertions are somewhat controversial, but there are at least 10 hard and fast rules why you need proper hydration.

60 to 75 percent of our overall body is made up of water; the brain, alone, is comprised of 85 percent water—even our bones contain up to 22 percent!

While we can go for almost a month without food, we can only go for a week without water. Water transports vitamins and nutrients to the cells; it removes toxins and regulates your body temperature. Nearly all of the body’s major systems rely on water.

The average person loses three to four cups per day just through perspiration and urine. When you lose two percent of your body’s water, you become dehydrated.

There are at least ten good reasons to drink up.

If you do, you’ll experience:

  •  Increased energy. One of the most common reasons for low energy is not drinking enough water!
  • Better ability to concentrate, with more clear-headedness.
  • More successful exercise; remember, dehydration is one of the most common reasons for low energy so, if you slow down, you won’t be as productive at the gym.
  • Healthier Skin: Since water removes toxins, it can help clear up skin. Some even report a kind of glow after drinking!
  • Heart Health: You’ll have a steadier, stronger heart-rate, and a study published in the May 1, 2002 American Journal of Epidemiology found that those who drank more than five glasses of water a day were 41 percent less likely to die from a heart attack during the study period than those who drank less than two glasses.
  • Ability to handle stress better: Since you’ll be more clear-headed, you’ll be that much more equipped to handle challenges and problems.
  • Fewer headaches: Do you know that 75 to 80 percent are caused by dehydration??
  • Youthfulness! Water contracts muscles and plumps up tissues. Without water, you’ll see sagging skin and muscle loss
  • Increased metabolism
  • Flushed toxins


Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP is a certified nutrition and wellness coach who works with people to help them instantly double their energy so they avoid that mid-morning or afternoon slump, get more done in less time and balance their lives.

Author of the forthcoming book, 25 Ways to Fire Up Your Day:  Increase Energy, Get More Done in Less Time, Balance Your Life, she also writes a free twice-monthly newsletter, “Power Wellness,” full of tips for healthy eating and lifestyle.  Subscribe and automatically receive a free download of her mini e-book, Sugar’s Sour Story.  To subscribe, click here.

Irene’s website is:  Are you tired of being tired?  Contact me ( and let’s see if it makes sense to work together.

Marketing 101: Work Smarter, Not Harder–And What’s That Got to Do with Wellness Anyway?

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 Did you know there are really many types of well-being—such as career, financial and spiritual?

Speaking of financial, I was driven NUTS last year!

I’m going to admit something to you right now.

You see, I thought I was doing all the right things, but it seemed that I was working far too hard and not smart—and consequently, I always felt like I was struggling, especially in this not-so-great economy.

Yet, I was hearing a lot of people saying things like, “I had the best year ever, despite the   financial turmoil of 2011.”

I was very lucky; on perhaps the worst day ever—July 7, 2011—I heard a lecture by client attraction mentor, Fabienne Frederickson.  Quite honestly, I’ve been hooked ever since.

She makes everything very easy and clear.  And she’s HUMAN, making herself vulnerable by sharing some of the mistakes she first made when starting out. She never makes you feel that it was all perfect for her from the beginning.  So you never say that oh-so-familiar, “So what’s wrong with me?”

I’ve learned a lot but, for me, the biggest lesson—and the one I still have to learn over and over again—is to not to get distracted by those “bright shiny objects”—you know, those things that seem wonderful and glamorous, but are only BIG distractions that ultimately make you tired, frustrated—and poor.

As an example, I was approached a while back to do a radio show.  Great,right?  Wrong!  It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for a radio show—and this one had nothing to do with my business, really.  So, through the lessons I learned, I was able to politely pass and offer them an alternative—someone who’s business would really benefit

In fact, I had to pull the reins in on myself just this morning; someone approached me yesterday with a glamorous, appeal-to-the-ego project. Gotta admit, I was pretty flattered! But when I thought it through, there was nothing even remotely income-producing and it didn’t even touch my target market.  In fact, I’m not even sure that it’s sustainable!

So what’s different this year than last?  Well, if this had been June 2011, I know I would have just jumped on it, spun my wheels and spent a LOT of time and money (that would have been much better spent re-investing in my own company.)  I would have been tired, burned out, frustrated—and very, very poor.

This year, though, I had the tools to really think this through and put the brakes on it before there was any danger. 

This year, 2012, is full of passion, success, confidence and enthusiasm.

Would you like to benefit from Fabienne’s wisdom?  She offers a COMPLETELY FREE CD!  Access it here:

New York City Mayor Proposes Ban on Large Sodas: What Do You Think?

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed a ban on all bottled and fountain sodas larger than 16 ounces.  It does not prohibit diet sodas, fruit juices, dairy-based drinks, like milkshakes, and alcohol.

The ban, which is expected to pass, applies to restaurants, movie theaters, ballpark concession stands and food carts.  It does not apply to supermarkets.

The mayor cites the obesity epidemic as the reason for this.  In fact, in New York City alone, more than half adults are overweight or obese, according to the Health Department.

As a nutrition and wellness coach, I often speak of the problems associated with sugar and the obesity epidemic–but I must admit, I have some very mixed feelings about this.

It seems to me that this only puts a bandaid–and a pretty ineffective one at that–on the root problem.  Might the time and effort–and I assume money–be better spent on education, prevention and research? What would keep a person from just re-filling the smaller glass?

Wouldn’t it be better to focus on personal responsbility and get to the root of the problem?  Wouldn’t it be better, say, for insurance policies to include  wider coverage for education and prevention, for instance, gyms and nutrition and wellness experts–who could work with the people to help them alter their unhealthy habits forever?

And why target soda?  Frankly, diet drinks are just as problematic, if not more so–given a choice, I know I would drink a regular soda than diet.  And, ironically, tomorrow is National Donut Day.  Really?  How much sugar is in those? I know one tiny chocolate cake donut has at least three (3) teaspoons of sugar in it.  Dairy-based drinks don’t add to the obesity problem?    What about the huge flavored coffees that sometimes pack as many as 10 teaspoons of sugar?

According to a report on NBC New York, It’s not the first time the mayor has tried to limit consumption of sugary drinks by city residents: in 2010, he proposed that food stamps be prevented from being used for sugary drinks, stating at the time that people needed to be protected from diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Once again, that personal responsibility issue….

Tell me what you think of this.  I’d love to hear ALL of your comments, whether or not you live in New York City.

Do you agree or not?



Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP is a certified nutrition and wellness coach who helps people instantly double their energy so they avoid that mid-morning or afternoon slump, get more done in less time and balance their lives.  Author of the forthcoming book, 25 Ways to Fire Up Your Day:  Increase Energy, Get More Done in Less Time, Balance Your Life, her website is:

She writes a free, twice-monthly newsletter, ‘Power Wellness,” full of tips for healthy eating and lifestyle.

Like her page on Facebook:  ( and get a free download of her report, Sugar’s Sour Story.  Also on Twitter (@yetmorehealth), LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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