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It’s official.  This is supposed to be a pretty brutal flu season, with WABC-TV today reporting that 47 states have reported a lot of flu activity.

Of course if you’re feeling really sick you should see the doctor–but there are also things you can do to help strengthen your immune system to ward it off:

  • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.  They’re full of antioxidants and vitamins A and C.  Green leafy vegetables, especially, are nutritional powerhouses.
  • Get plenty of sleep: Try to aim at least for 7.5 to 8.0 hours.  A study by the Archives of Internal Medicine gave 153 people the rhino virus (common cold) by nose drop. It was found that those studied who got at least seven hours of sleep per night were 300% less likely to catch a cold. So here’s the bottom-line: Sleep deprivation leads to exhaustion, which can lead to chronic illnesses and injury–and even possibly make you gain weigh since sleep has a direct effect on 3 hormones that regulate appetite.
  • Exercise!  Study after study shows that, even those with chronic medical conditions, can benefit from the fatigued-fighting exercise.  Here’s why it boosts your stamina:  Exercise carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells.  It also helps detoxify the body, getting rid of toxins, accumulated wastes and poisons. An added benefit: It helps you sleep better!
  • Practice stress-reduction:  Whether it’s yoga, meditation, deep breathing or something else, chronic stress has both a direct and indirect effect on health.  It affects digestion, raises blood pressure and puts a strain on the circulatory system because of increased heart rate.  It makes you vulnerable to infection and injury.  Indirectly, it can result in some unhealthy habits–smoking, poor diet, drinking to excess, etc.
  • Drink plenty of water: Your body is made up of at least  75 percent water.  It flushes toxins, increases metabolism, helps you manage stress, can decrease the frequency of headaches and a whole lot more; in other words, it does everything.


Experts say we should get at least 7 to 13 servings of vegetables and fruits daily–but do most of us even know what that looks like??  Parents, especially, might worry that their kids aren’t getting enough nutrition!canstockphoto7629386kidveg

Juice Plus+ is a concentrated whole food (NOT a supplement) made up of fruits, vegetables and grains.  There are absolutely NO presticides or contaminates. Just a few capsules a day will provide you with plenty of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients–and even fiber that’s found in the fruits and vegetables its made from.  They all work together to provide you more of the nutritional benefits of eating whole foods.  The clinical research has been published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, including: The Journal of American Cardiology; The Journal of Nutrition; Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise; Journal of The American College of Nutrition and more.

About Irene:

Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP is a nutrition and health counselor who helps people alter unhealthy habits so they can balance their lives.

“Wellness is a family affair, because everyone absorbs the energy of each other.  Even the 4-legged furry children are in on it; pets are now experiencing an obesity epidemic with an uptick in lifestyle-based diseases, such as diabetes.  As one vet recently told me, ‘ when someone comes in with an overweight animal, the first thing I do is look at the owner–who 9 times out of 10 is also overweight.'”

Author of the e-book, Sugar’s Sour Story, and of the forthcoming book, 25 Ways to Fire Up Your Day: Increase Energy, Get More Done in Less Time, Balance Your Life, her Juice Plus+ website is:


The Power of Gratitude

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Thanksgiving is a time when most of us think about gratitude, but practicing consistent gratitude could be the key to raising your happiness threshold.

Dr. Robert A. Emmons, a University of California, Davis professor, backs up his claim with eight years of intensive research on gratitude in his best selling book, Thanks! How The New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier. He found that people who view life as a gift and consciously acquire an “attitude of gratitude” will experience multiple advantages.
One of his specific findings: People who were in the gratitude condition felt fully 25% happier, more optimistic and confident. They even did almost 1.5 hours more exercise a week!

Here are some things you might consider doing:

  • Keep a gratitude journal. At the end of each day, write down three to five things from the day for which you feel  grateful.  I got an interesting challenge last New Year’s; someone told me to come up with 100 things for which I was grateful.  Now, 2011 wasn’t exactly a great year, so I thought it would be tough.  You know what, though?  I breezed through the first 75, the next 15 were a little tougher but certainly doable.  The last ten were really difficult, but I still managed.
  • Express your gratitude. When someone does something nice, say  “thank you”–and mean it. Even if it doesn’t seem important to you, a “thank you” can really touch someone.
  • Look for what is right about a situation, not what’s wrong. We tend  to see negatives as stressful, harmful, sad, difficult, unfortunate–but  almost every negative has a positive, somewhere. Negative situations can be opportunities for growth and creativity.
  • Practice gratitude with your family and friends. Encourage each  family member to report one thing that happened that day that they feel  grateful for. When you hear a friend moaning and complaining, challenge  him or her to find the hidden opportunity or silver lining to the  situation.


About Irene:

Irene Ross is a certified nutrition and health coach who helps people get off the diet roller coaster–to lose the weight, keep it off, love their healthy, happy bodies,  and let the “fabulousness” shine.

“Healthy weight is a lot more about simply walking away with a list of so-called good foods and bad foods. It’s about a lot of things. Like learning how to balance blood sugar and knowing about the connection between hormones and processed foods and the adrenals and thyroid–among other things. And they need to know that everything feeds us; for instance, career, relationships, self-care, because if just one thing is out of balance they’ll always be, well, hungry.

In short, I help individuals investigate new roads and new areas of development, then provide them with the resources to take action.”

There’s something for every budget, from teleseminars to platinum “Six Step Systems” to VIP Days for those who just want very fast, concentrated results.

Author of the forthcoming book, 25 Ways to Fire Up Your Day: Increase Energy, Get More Done in Less Time, Balance Your Life,  Irene is also a nutrition and wellness pro for our 4-legged furry friends and writes frequently on those topics.

Her twice-monthly, free newsletter, “Power Wellness,” is full of tips, recipes and information on healthy eating and living.  To subscribe to her awesome, free, twice-monthly newsletter, “Power Wellness,” click here.


Five Ways to Avoid Winter Weight Gain…OR “How Not to Panic on Memorial Day”

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Happens to all of us–those extra winter pounds can really creep up on us, in some hidden and very sneaky ways and then we panic on Memorial Day when we realize we’ll soon be in those skimpy summer clothes.

Winter weight gain isn’t inevitable, though! Here are five ways you can thwart that weight gain:

  • Stress and More Stress: One trip to the mailbox can send the heart racing, what with heating, electric and holiday-purchases-come-due bills–and that floods bodies with those waist-thickening “fight or flight” hormones, like Cortisol.

Solution:  Get plenty of Vitamin D, because it has a positive effect on the hormones and immune system, says Naturopathic Physician Dr. Laurie Brodsky, ND. You can also try other stress-busters, such as meditation or yoga.

  • Holiday Indulgence:  Halloween’s just around the corner and soon we go into the Thanksgiving-New Year season with parties, treats and groaning buffet tables.

Solution: Remember it’s a 45-day stretch with three holidays, not a 45 day holiday. Practice the “Rule of One.”  Dr. Brodsky explains that this means you fill your plate with one of everything, such as a protein and a green and then have one drink. “That way, you get to taste everything and don’t feel deprived, but you’re still practicing portion control,” she says.

Try to squeeze in an extra workout or two if you know a big party is imminent.

  •   Exercise Derailment:  It’s tempting to go right home after work when the days are short and cold.

Solution: Establish a set routine and then mark it in your calendar so it becomes a habit. Habits usually form in 25 to 30 days, says Psychology Today.  Other ideas include partnering with a buddy, or creating exercise routines at home.

“A few rounds of jumping jacks, push ups, and crunches will get your blood flowing and work most of your major muscles,” said Shay DeSilva, founder, Fast Fitness To Go.
  • Seasonal Depression:  It can make you irritable, moody and sad, says WebMD.  The shorter, colder days can negatively impact you–and let’s face it, we don’t exactly make the best food choices when we feel that way.

Solution: We tend to crave warm, comfort foods, so keep healthy ones, like a vegetable-laden soup, in easy reach. Protein-rich foods and snacks will balance blood sugar, alleviate mood swings. Brodsky has a great recipe for a pumpkin granola (see recipe in sidebar on the right of this page).  “Pumpkin seeds also contain tryptophan so they’ll help you sleep if you have a handful before bed,” she said. A small piece of chocolate IS okay as long as it contains at least 75 percent cacao.

  • Sleep Disruptions. Our sleep can actually be disturbed by too-warm rooms, and sleep has a direct effect on three hormones that regulate stress, energy balance and appetite. When you don’t get enough sleep, cortisol, the stress hormone, elevates glucose and appetites. Ghrelin, which increases appetite, becomes elevated; Leptin, which suppresses appetite and moderates energy balance, is decreased. Lack of sleep also affects your exercise routine.”It’s a negative cycle,” explains Dr. Kathia Roberts, Ph.D., ND, D.PHYT, “Some of my patients tell me they can’t sleep without exercising but then, again, they’re too tired to exercise.”

Solution: Keep your room at 68 to 70 degrees.



Irene Ross is a certified health and nutrition coach who helps people get off the diet roller coaster to make a lifetime of healthy weight maintenance and lifestyle.

“Healthy weight is a lot more about simply walking away with a list of so-called good foods and bad foods. It’s about a lot of things. Like learning how to balance blood sugar and knowing about the connection between hormones and processed foods and the adrenals and thyroid–among other things. And they need to know that everything feeds us; for instance, career, relationships, self-care, because if just one thing is out of balance they’ll always be, well, hungry.

“In short, I help individuals investigate new roads and new areas of development, then provide them with the resources to take action.”

Irene sees people individually or in groups, presents workshops and lectures and creates employee wellness programs.

There’s something for every budget, from teleseminars to my platinum “Six Step System to Lose the Weight, Keep it Off and Let Your Fabulousness Shine” to VIP Days for those who just want very fast, concentrated results.

Author of the forthcoming book, 25 Ways to Fire Up Your Day: Increase Energy, Get More Done in Less Time, Balance Your Life, Irene is also a nutrition and wellness expert for our 4-legged furry friends, writing frequently on those topics. Her website is:  She also writes a free, twice-monthly newsletter, “Power Wellness,” full of information and suggestions for healthy eating and lifestyle–for BOTH humans and pets.  Subscribers get a free download of her report, “Sugar’s Sour Story.”  To subscribe, click here.

Cook Once, Eat Twice–and Other Ways to Deal with that Time-Guzzling Monster

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You can still eat healthfully and mindfully, maintain your weight and increase your energy, even when you’re short on time.

  • Cook Once, Eat Twice: No, I’m not talking about leftovers. The idea is to plan meals based around key foods that can be one recipe for  one meal–and an entirely different recipe for another.

    You can do all kinds of things with apples, from making dipping sauces to rolling in peanut butter and freezing as truffles–to creating more traditional soups and pies.

For example, one of my clients told me she hated making brown rice because it took too long; she worked long hours and often came home late, ravenous, and to an equally hungry family. She learned about “cook once, eat twice and, before long, the rice also became a salad and breakfast porridge, in addition to its role as a supporting player as a side dish at dinner. By the way, she added some almond milk and created cereal out of those little loose grains that fall to the bottom of rice cake packets.

  • Boost Nutrient Values! Sometimes our schedules just leave us no choice but to use a prepared food. If that happens, first, select the best version you can–I like Vitalicious, which tastes great and is low in calories, fat, salt and sugar–and packed with vitamins and minerals. Add fresh veggies and fruit; for instance, a VitaTop can become a healthy, convenient and fast breakfast, a VitaBun, a yummy and low-cal  pizza. Amy’s has an assortment of soups and frozen foods, and I personally love the Mayan bake from Kashi.

If you have to eat from the salad bar, choose lots of vegetables and some lean, grilled chicken or fish. Don’t add those fatty or fried items, because they’ll just increase the fat content. Skip dressings entirely, or use some fresh lemon wedges.

  • Slow Down Eating: I can just hear the protests: “I’m too busy to slow down!”  That old cliche, “penny-wise, pound-foolish” pertains also to eating.

When we gobble our food our parasympathetic nervous system ceases to function efficiently and digestion is inhibited, resulting in decreased energy to our heart, lungs and muscles. By slowing down your eating, you’ll actually end up getting more nutrients, fewer calories (and who doesn’t want that?) and less stress. You’ll be much more productive and will have more energy to get more done in less time to balance your life–and who doesn’t want that?

  • Eat Mindfully: Everyone can spare 5 minutes so, when it’s lunchtime at the office, shut your door, turn off  the computer and let your phone go into voicemail. At the end of five minutes, one of two things will happen: You’ll either decide that you DO  have time for a bigger lunch break or you’ll return to business refreshed and much more productive.
  • Be prepared for Snack Attacks! Forget those energy-zapping and money-draining runs for donuts, cookies and other junk. Instead, keep little bags of veggies, fruits,      nuts, seeds. Some people even bring a small bag containing a couple of turkey slices or a cooked chicken breast.
  • Drink Water: Why? Because it is probably one of the fastest way to get some nutrients; water transports nutrients and oxygen to your cells and it’s responsible for every  function, from immune to digestion. Water also decreases signs of aging  and will keep your energy increased. An added benefit is that drinking a glass of water often puts an end to a craving!


Ten Reasons to Drink More Water

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Twenty-two years ago, while treating inmates at a prison, a physician named Dr. Batmanghelidj saw a patient doubled over in pain with a gastrointestinal disease. Since there was no access to any medicine, Dr. Batmanghelidj could only give this person water. He had him drink two glasses. Within three minutes, the person’s pain diminished; within eight minutes, he was completely pain free. After that, Dr. Batmanghelidj researched the medicinal properties of water and wrote several books, including Your Body’s Many Cries for Water and Water Cures: Drugs Kill: How Water Cured Incurable Diseases.

Dr. Batmanghelidj, who passed away in 2004 and studied medicine under penicillin-inventor, Sir Alexander Fleming, asserted that dehydration is the root cause of all physical illness. A report on his findings was published as an editorial in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, June 1983.

Admittedly, Dr. Batmanghelidj’s assertions are somewhat controversial, but there are at least 10 hard and fast rules why you need proper hydration.

60 to 75 percent of our overall body is made up of water; the brain, alone, is comprised of 85 percent water—even our bones contain up to 22 percent!

While we can go for almost a month without food, we can only go for a week without water. Water transports vitamins and nutrients to the cells; it removes toxins and regulates your body temperature. Nearly all of the body’s major systems rely on water.

The average person loses three to four cups per day just through perspiration and urine. When you lose two percent of your body’s water, you become dehydrated.

There are at least ten good reasons to drink up.

If you do, you’ll experience:

  •  Increased energy. One of the most common reasons for low energy is not drinking enough water!
  • Better ability to concentrate, with more clear-headedness.
  • More successful exercise; remember, dehydration is one of the most common reasons for low energy so, if you slow down, you won’t be as productive at the gym.
  • Healthier Skin: Since water removes toxins, it can help clear up skin. Some even report a kind of glow after drinking!
  • Heart Health: You’ll have a steadier, stronger heart-rate, and a study published in the May 1, 2002 American Journal of Epidemiology found that those who drank more than five glasses of water a day were 41 percent less likely to die from a heart attack during the study period than those who drank less than two glasses.
  • Ability to handle stress better: Since you’ll be more clear-headed, you’ll be that much more equipped to handle challenges and problems.
  • Fewer headaches: Do you know that 75 to 80 percent are caused by dehydration??
  • Youthfulness! Water contracts muscles and plumps up tissues. Without water, you’ll see sagging skin and muscle loss
  • Increased metabolism
  • Flushed toxins


Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP is a certified nutrition and wellness coach who works with people to help them instantly double their energy so they avoid that mid-morning or afternoon slump, get more done in less time and balance their lives.

Author of the forthcoming book, 25 Ways to Fire Up Your Day:  Increase Energy, Get More Done in Less Time, Balance Your Life, she also writes a free twice-monthly newsletter, “Power Wellness,” full of tips for healthy eating and lifestyle.  Subscribe and automatically receive a free download of her mini e-book, Sugar’s Sour Story.  To subscribe, click here.

Irene’s website is:  Are you tired of being tired?  Contact me ( and let’s see if it makes sense to work together.

Marketing 101: Work Smarter, Not Harder–And What’s That Got to Do with Wellness Anyway?

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 Did you know there are really many types of well-being—such as career, financial and spiritual?

Speaking of financial, I was driven NUTS last year!

I’m going to admit something to you right now.

You see, I thought I was doing all the right things, but it seemed that I was working far too hard and not smart—and consequently, I always felt like I was struggling, especially in this not-so-great economy.

Yet, I was hearing a lot of people saying things like, “I had the best year ever, despite the   financial turmoil of 2011.”

I was very lucky; on perhaps the worst day ever—July 7, 2011—I heard a lecture by client attraction mentor, Fabienne Frederickson.  Quite honestly, I’ve been hooked ever since.

She makes everything very easy and clear.  And she’s HUMAN, making herself vulnerable by sharing some of the mistakes she first made when starting out. She never makes you feel that it was all perfect for her from the beginning.  So you never say that oh-so-familiar, “So what’s wrong with me?”

I’ve learned a lot but, for me, the biggest lesson—and the one I still have to learn over and over again—is to not to get distracted by those “bright shiny objects”—you know, those things that seem wonderful and glamorous, but are only BIG distractions that ultimately make you tired, frustrated—and poor.

As an example, I was approached a while back to do a radio show.  Great,right?  Wrong!  It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for a radio show—and this one had nothing to do with my business, really.  So, through the lessons I learned, I was able to politely pass and offer them an alternative—someone who’s business would really benefit

In fact, I had to pull the reins in on myself just this morning; someone approached me yesterday with a glamorous, appeal-to-the-ego project. Gotta admit, I was pretty flattered! But when I thought it through, there was nothing even remotely income-producing and it didn’t even touch my target market.  In fact, I’m not even sure that it’s sustainable!

So what’s different this year than last?  Well, if this had been June 2011, I know I would have just jumped on it, spun my wheels and spent a LOT of time and money (that would have been much better spent re-investing in my own company.)  I would have been tired, burned out, frustrated—and very, very poor.

This year, though, I had the tools to really think this through and put the brakes on it before there was any danger. 

This year, 2012, is full of passion, success, confidence and enthusiasm.

Would you like to benefit from Fabienne’s wisdom?  She offers a COMPLETELY FREE CD!  Access it here:

Five Ways to Get Back in Shape for Summer

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Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, is just around the corner, and soon we’ll be wearing bathing suits, shorts, sleeveless shirts and other hot-weather clothing.

You may have found that you gained a few pounds or got out of shape during the winter. No need for despair, though–here’s a quick- start guide to help you get back on track quickly!

  • Diet: One of the great things about summer is the abundance of fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables. Fill up on them! Remember, the more colorful your plate the better, because every color includes a different set of phytonutrients–those things that keep us healthy. T


  • A word about superfoods: Some foods have very high nutrient levels, and they are called superfoods. They include berries, citrus fruits, and greens, such as broccoli, kale, collards, bok choy, yogurt, pumpkin, chocolate (Yes! but it must have over 65% cacao) and more.
  • Water: This substance transports nutrients and oxygen to every cell and you’ll end up feeling more energetic—which means you’ll be more active, burn more calories and spend more time at the gym. How much? Divide your weight in half–that’s how many ounces you probably should drink per day.
  • Exercise: I was once told by New York City physician, Dr. Steve Tsoutsouras that exercise was one of the pillars of anti-aging—so you definitely want to add that to your get-back-in-shape program.
  • “Taking care of yourself in all aspects is important, and exercise is right at the top,” said Tsoutsouras. “It releases endorphins, which make you feel better and can reduce stress.
  • In addition, exercise controls weight; fights fatigue and promotes better sleep.
  • “Some of my patients tell me they can’t sleep without exercising,” says Dr. Kathia Roberts, Ph.D., ND, D.PHYT.
  • Nutritional Cleansing: While a cleanse isn’t a weight loss program, per se, the happy result can be the loss of a few pounds and you rid your body of toxins, rejuvenate it (who wouldn’t like to look younger and have a lot more energy??), and provide the body with the necessary enzymes to transport nutrients. There are a lot of ways to cleanse, whether it’s with juices or products, but my personal favorite is Isagenix. If you’d like to know more about that, or any other method of cleansing, don’t hesitate to contact me.
  • Self- Care: Never minimize the importance of a good massage or any other self-care item! Self-care helps to get your body back in balance and one of the happy results is a lack of depression, fatigue and other energy-zappers. You’ll eat more healthfully, too!


Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP is a NYC-based, certified nutrition and wellness coach who helps people instantly double their energy so they avoid that mid-morning or afternoon slump, get more done in less time and balance their lives.

Author of the forthcoming book, 25 Ways to Fire Up Your Life:  Increase Energy, Get More Done in Less Time, Balance Your Life, she also writes a popular pet wellness blog:

What Is Flow–and How Does It keep You Healthy

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I recently conducted a survey to find out more about your biggest wellness concerns and furstrations.  Many of you told me one of your biggest challenges was finding time to exercise.  We all know it’s pretty unhealthy to sit at a desk or in front a computer all day–but we all also know just how challenging it can be to find the time.  (And I remember many times when I was just too tired or burned out after a tough day.)

So here’s the story of Flow, with a short video clip, that will give you some suggestions on solving this problem. Flow is a software program built with the primary goal of improving the health of people, especially those who sit in front of computers all day.

By the way, I’d love to hear from you–won’t you please complete this brief (5-10 minutes max) survey. To access:


Florida psychologist Dr. Renee Nasajon, Psy.D,  practices holistic psychology;  that is, she explores the interconnectedness of the mind and body.

Many years ago while working in a hospital, she was able to walk–a LOT. That all ended when she went into private practice. She spends much of her day now in a chair, listening to patients–or in front of a computer doing research. As she says, her metabolism fell into disarray and she started to gain weight little by little.

One day she was on the treadmill at the gym and thought, “I  am so violent with my body! I spend hours almost not moving, and then all of a sudden I bring it here and force it to run and lift weights and do all kinds of extreme things. I’m going to end up hurting myself!”

If she wanted to exercise in an effective and safe manner at the gym, she’d have to find a way to condition her body in preparation.

That’s when she created Flow.

Flow is a video that pops up on your computer screen to guide you through about five minutes of physical activity while still sitting at your desk.

“There is an abundance of emerging research that demonstrates the health-risks associated with sedentariness –spending too many hours without engaging in any kind of physical activity.

Dr. Nasajon continued: “The research shows that if we interrupt that sedentary behavior with just five minutes or so of some kind of physical activity, we can dramatically improve our ability to burn calories, improve our mood, decrease our cravings for sugar, caffeine and nicotine. We become more focused, more energetic, and we can reduce our blood pressure and our risk to develop osteoporosis, diabetes, cholesterol, and even some forms of cancer. ”

Want to check out Flow for yourself?  Watch the video below, for a sampling of working the abdominal at your desk–very simple and effective techniques.

Complex, Simple Carbs–AND Energy

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Start your day with something like brown rice cereal and fruit; it's fast, delicious, healthy--and will take you all the way through to lunch so you won't experience that mid-morning slump.

Despite some of the popular low-carbohydrate diets, it’s important to remember that there are two types of carbohydrates: Complex, or good ones–or simple, or bad ones.

Yes, all carbohydrates do contain sugar, but COMPLEX CARBS also have vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber. Since they get absorbed into the bloodstream at a steady rate, they provide long-lasting energy, breaking down smoothly and evenly, allowing your body to absorb all the “good stuff.”  Complex carbs also increase serotonin, the substance that makes you feel less stressed. Grains, fruit and beans are examples of complex carbs; so are veggies–and the more colorful the assortment, the better, because each color contains a different set of phytonutrients, thought to promote health.

Complex carbs get broken down into glucose molecules and then stored as fuel (glycogen) in the muscles and in the liver; when the body has an ample supply of glycogen fuel storage, it can run efficiently–and you will have plenty of energy!

In fact, if you have a complex carb at breakfast–especially a grain such as steel cut oatmeal or brown rice porridge with berries–it will break down slowly and take you all the way to lunch–so you’ll avoid that mid-morning slump.

SIMPLE CARBS–white flour, candy, cookies, pastry–contain NO vitamins, minerals and fiber. This means your body must go into its own store of nutrients, requiring much more effort to digest–and, hence, creating a deficit in your body. It also wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels, resulting in fatigue, irritability and stress.


Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP is a NYC-based, certified nutrition and wellness coach.  She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied over 100 dietary theories, lifestyle management techniques and cutting-edge coaching methods–with instructors such as Dr. Joel Fuhrman; Deepak Chopra; Dr. David Katz; Dr. Mark Hyman and others.  She is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

She received her BA from Marist College, attended New York University, has two fitness certifications and is author of the forthcoming book, 25 Ways To Fire Up Your Day:  Increase Energy, Get More Done in Less Time, Balance Your Life.  Her website is:

Irene also writes a twice-monthly free newsletter that’s full of tips and suggestions for healthy eating and lifestyle.  You can subscribe to the newsletter called “Power Wellness” here.

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Ever wonder why:

  • You have to run out of the office every day at 10:00 and then again at 3:00 for a pastry and coffee?
  • You feel so tired and overwhelmed that it takes FOREVER to finish even the simplest task
  • You sometimes come back from lunch feeling irritable, sleepy or even cranky?
  • Speaking of  lunch–and you know this is really unhealthy–but you often skip breakfast, lunch or even dinner–because you’re always so busy. What can  you do?

Now those, and more questions, can be answered by experts when you post on “Wellness Power,” a new Yahoo group introduced today, March 12, 2012. With this Yahoo group, you’ll also be able to comment and start conversation threads.

I’ll be the primary moderator–but not the ONLY one–because sometimes a question can be best answered by another health professional, whether it’s a chiropractor, naturopath, acupuncturist, woman’s health specialist, etc.

You probably already know me–a graduate of New York City’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied over 100 dietary theories, lifestyle management techniques and cutting-edge coaching methods–with instructors such as Deepak Chopra; Dr. Andrew Weil; Dr. David Katz; Geneen Roth; Dr. Mark Hyman and many others.

You may have already been receiving my newsletter, but I’ve been racking my brains to add more value for you.  In the past, it only seemed to have just one voice–mine!–and I was sure that there was always some question from someone that wasn’t addressed in the newsletter. Plus, who just wants to be lectured to????!

Here’s how you join: Subscription is free.  Go to, scroll down the page to “groups” and find wellnesspower listed under the health and wellness heading. You can also use the search box–just be sure to type it as one word–wellnesspower–and that it’s all in lower-case letters.

Easier still, here’s the link to the group so you can go right in:

Sometimes we think we’re the only ones experiencing something, but now you’ll be able to connect with others and share your challenges and knowledge.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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